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Brand: PERMATEX Product code: 11007612813
PERMATEX BRAKE ANDS PARTS CLEANER 500ml 12813 Penetrates, dissolves and removes dirt and oil from braking systems and metal parts.It leaves no residues that attract pollutants...
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Brand: WYNN`S Product code: 11007650240
WYNN'S CHARGE OIL TREATMENT 50240 Improves the viscosity index of lubricating oils.Enhances the oil film at high temperatures as well as in case of heavy load.Restores oil compression and pressure.Stops excessive oil consumption and exhaust fumes.Provides a stable lubrication membrane.Reduces e..
Ex Tax:6.48€
Brand: WYNN`S Product code: 11007676459
WYNN'S COMPLETE DIEZEL SYSTEM CLEANER 76459COMPLETE CLEANER OF THE DIESEL SYSTEMWynn's 3xA for diesel engines applies a triple action:1) significantly reduces soot emission2) cleans the injection and exhaust system3) reduces fuel consumptionReduces black smoke and the resulting soot emission.Cl..
Ex Tax:6.48€
Brand: WYNN`S Product code: 11007622710
Wynn's Diesel Ice proof 22710 Wynn's antifreeze is suitable for cleaning all power systems,as well as to regulate the fluidity of oil at low temperatures.Its functions are: prevention, deceleration and deterrence of crystals.Its function is mainly preventive, so it is good to use it before the ..
Ex Tax:8.06€
Brand: WYNN`S Product code: 11007631563
WYNN'S DIESEL TURBO CLEANER 31563 Wynn's Diesel Turbo Cleaner is a chemical treatment for all diesel enginesto clean blocked superchargers.Only add to the fuel tank!..
Ex Tax:9.67€
Brand: WYNN`S Product code: 11007652579
WYNN'S SILICONE SPRAY 52579Provides dry lubrication.Reduces static electricity.Prevents the adhesion of materials.Protects against rust and corrosion.It is a repellent of water and moisture...
Ex Tax:8.06€
Brand: WYNN`S Product code: 11007666479
WYNN'S SPRAY CHAIN ​​GRASS 66479Excellent lubrication, sticky and high penetration.Repels water and moisture.Protects against rust and corrosion.Prevents friction.Prevents the accumulation of dirt and debris.Eliminates squeaks.Recommended for lubrication of mechanisms such as:· Moped, bicycle c..
Ex Tax:8.06€
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