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Brand: PERMATEX Product code: 11007624105
PERMATEX  ULTRA BLACK RTV 368grBlack silicone flange in cartridge. Designed to work for large dutieswith special resistance to oil. With its exposure to air the material turns into hard,flexible silicone rubber. The product is resistant to aging, weather conditions andthermal cycles, without ha..
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Brand: PERMATEX Product code: 11007681878
Permatex  Ultra Copper 85grCopper flange in tube. with very high efficiency possibilities - temperatures.Suitable for use in high-performance turbocharged engines.Three times more oil resistant than conventional silicone gaskets andeight times more flexible than ready-made flanges. Resistant to..
Ex Tax:7.20€
Brand: PERMATEX Product code: 11007684107
PERMATEX 30 MINUTE EPOXY 50grGeneral purpose two-component epoxy adhesive (-51οC to + 820C)..
Ex Tax:6.23€
Brand: PERMATEX Product code: 11007684101
PERMATEX 5 MINUTE EPOXY 56gr.  35232 Two-component, general-purpose epoxy adhesive...
Ex Tax:5.64€
Brand: PERMATEX Product code: 11007682019
PERMATEX ALL PURPOSE SPRAY ADHESIVE 297gr    General purpose spray glue.For permanent but also removable gluing.It applies quickly and is resistant to water, moisture.Suitable for porous and non-porous materials.Applies to paper, metal, fabric, most plastics,on leather, cork, wood, et..
Ex Tax:10.65€
Brand: PERMATEX Product code: 11007680338
PERMATEX BLACK RUBBER SEALANT 45mlSeal in a tube.Can be used as an adhesive on porous surfaces,in insulating car tires, in electrical connections, assealing on doors and windows.It has high resistance to changes in weather conditionslubricants, valvolines, alcohol and antifreeze...
Ex Tax:4.65€
Brand: PERMATEX Product code: 11007681158
PERMATEX BLACK SILICONE 85grGeneral purpose silicone in a tube.Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, which is at room temperaturedesigned for sealing mechanical joints.After hardening it forms a hard, flexible, waterproof coatingsilicone rubber, which resists the passage of time, weatherconditio..
Ex Tax:4.13€
Brand: PERMATEX Product code: 11007681850
PERMATEX BLACK SUPER WEATHER - STRIP ADHHESIVE 147ml  Professional airfoil glue, black thick for all types of tires.Waterproof, high resistance to chemicals, dries quickly and withstands extreme temperatures.Used in the installation of decorative door and trunk, waterproofingtires, body si..
Ex Tax:6.60€
Brand: PERMATEX Product code: 11007616067
Permatex Bullseye Windshield Repair 5ml   Windshield crack repair, circular and not\ linear diameter 1-1 / 4¨, for the purposeof undetectablerepair and prevent further spread of damage...
Ex Tax:8.10€
Brand: PERMATEX Product code: 11007680855
PERMATEX CLEAR RTV SILICONE 312grGeneral purpose silicone in a cartridge.Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, which at room temperatureis designed for sealing mechanical joints.After hardening it forms a hard, flexible, waterproofsilicone rubber coating, which resists over time,weather conditions an..
Ex Tax:8.63€
Brand: PERMATEX Product code: 11007680697
PERMATEX COPPER SPARY-A-GASKET 255grCopper waterproofing spray, diffuses and improves heat transfer,prevents the flange from burning. It remains sticky to prevent itrepositioning the flange.Resistant to car fluids and especially gasoline.Suitable for cylinder head flanges, exhaust manifold, turbo,ca..
Ex Tax:8.70€
Brand: PERMATEX Product code: 11007682190
PERMATEX FASTER DRYING SUPER GLUE 2gr   Instant adhesive suitable for metals, aluminum, rubber, glass, plastic and other materials...
Ex Tax:2.26€
Brand: PERMATEX Product code: 11007680016
PERMATEX FORM - A - GASKET SEALANT 85grFlange glue in a tube.It dries slowly increasing the reliability of the flangesagainst leaks.Maintains effective properties in contact with water, ethylene glycol, gasoline, engine oil,valvolines, seawater and grease...
Ex Tax:3.23€
Brand: PERMATEX Product code: 11007680008
PERMATEX FORM - A -GASKET SEALANT  85gr   Flange glue in a tube.It dries quickly for permanent connections in rigidmaterials and flanges, extends the life of the flange. Resistance 5,000 psi.Maintains effective properties in contact with water,ethylene glycol, gasoline, engine oi..
Ex Tax:3.08€
Brand: PERMATEX Product code: 11007684334
PERMATEX FUEL TANK REPAIR 28gr 84334 Reinforced two-component epoxy putty, in the form of a stick.Suitable for repairs of metal tanks for liquid fuels.Resistant to ethanol, fuels, oils, water and most solvents.Withstands temperatures from -51οC to + 121οC.Can be processed for 30 minutes before ..
Ex Tax:7.25€
Brand: PERMATEX Product code: 11007680645
Permatex Gasket Remover 113gr 80645Exfoliating chemical flange paste. Packingwith brush aside. Not chlorinated, does not run onvertical surfaces, reduces abrasion.Not recommended for silicone gaskets...
Ex Tax:14.63€
Brand: PERMATEX Product code: 11007614600
PERMATEX GOLD WELD 2x28gr   Two-component glue, cold oxygen welding.Repairs, fills badly glued iron, steel, brass, copper and aluminum.It is resistant to fuel, oil, water and solvents...
Ex Tax:5.78€
Brand: PERMATEX Product code: 11007635151
Permatex Hi-Temp Red RTV 80mlSilicone flange in tube. The material with its exposure to air humidityturns into a hard, flexible silicone rubber. It dries in one hour fromits application and acquires full force in 24 hours. The product is resistant to aging,weather conditions and therm..
Ex Tax:3.95€
Brand: PERMATEX Product code: 11007627150
Permatex High Strength Treadlocker Red 50ml   High degree of retention for permanent connections.Adds 3000psi holding force to applications,insures against vibration.For disassemblyhigh temperature and tools required. For applications from 10mm-25mm.Not recommended for plastic parts.Packag..
Ex Tax:15.68€
Brand: PERMATEX Product code: 11007684333
PERMATEX HIGH TEMP 56grTwo-component epoxy reinforced putty, industrial strength in stick form.Sticks most metals and is applicable to exhausts, exhaust manifolds,engine blocks and generally in repairs where very high temperatures occur.After 8 hours it can be sanded, pierced, painted. It is water r..
Ex Tax:9.30€
Brand: PERMATEX Product code: 11007664050
Permatex High Temp Sleeve Retainer 50ml  Holds metal cylindrical parts. 3000psi, + 204CPackage 50ml..
Ex Tax:14.51€
Brand: PERMATEX Product code: 11007664000
Permatex High Temp Sleeve Retainer 6ml  Holds metal cylindrical parts. 3000psi, +2040 CPackage 6ml..
Ex Tax:4.73€
Brand: PERMATEX Product code: 11007627200
Permatex High Temperature Threadlocker Red 10mlHigh temperatures and retention of metal parts.Prevents relaxation due to very strong vibrationsand high temperature load. Up to 232oC andfor applications from 10mm - 38mm.Not recommended for plastic parts.Package of 10ml...
Ex Tax:8.03€
Brand: PERMATEX Product code: 11007620539
PERMATEX INDIAN HEAD GASKET SHELLAC COMPOUND 59ml   Liquid sealant for general assembly work, which dries slowly.Suitable for most gaskets, even made of paper, felt and rubber.Oil resistance...
Ex Tax:3.22€
Brand: PERMATEX Product code: 11007624024
Permatex Low Strength Threadlocker Purple 6ml  Low degree of restraint, for which frequent adjustments are needed. For applications up to 6mm.Package 6ml...
Ex Tax:11.48€
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