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Wynn s Octane Booster & Valve Seat Protector 43872

Wynn s Octane Booster & Valve Seat Protector 43872 PENETRANT & CLEANER 11007643872
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Wynn's Octane Booster & Valve Seat Protector   

  • Increases the octane number (RON) by 2 to 5 units.
  • Provides a very effective protection by forming a protective layer on the valve seats.
  • Improves engine performance and acceleration.
  • Reduces fuel consumption.
  • Can be used on leaded or unleaded petrol.
  • Does not contain lead components.
  • It is safe for use with catalytic converters and superchargers.
  • Empty the contents into the tank, ideally before filling it.
  • Container capacity 325ml

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